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Welcome to Sockrates, the online luxury sock boutique. Find your perfect pair for work or play, and achieve instant philosophical distinction.

The North Knows Chilly Toes

No, I’m afraid we don’t actually come from Ancient Greece. We’re Canadian (eh)! While Canada is incredibly great in lots of ways, it also comes with the sometimes irksome reality of frozen temperatures, and unhappy toes. No more! Sockrates socks are not only cozy, they’re scientifically cozy. Listen up…


Better Socks, Happier Feet

 For us, sock engineering is an art. To provide ideal fit, comfortable breathability and long lasting use, Sockrates socks are composed of a tried-and-tested material blend, and crafted using modern and traditional techniques. They’ll stretch when you need, hug just enough, outlast even the harshest washing-machine conditions, and unfailingly impress with their fun, contemporary aesthetics.


Wear Where? Everywhere.

 At Sockrates, we believe you should wear what you want, how you want. Sure, we have categories for “Dress,” and “Casual” but these are more guidelines than rules. Want to wear socks with elephant or skull motifs to that big merger meeting? Do your thing. Want to go for a run in grandfather-esque argyle? Yep, that’s okay too. Live by your own philosophy, and celebrate ankle flair that’s all your own.

Custom Orders for Any Occasion

 Want to impress at your next corporate event? T-shirts are so 1997. Custom socks are not only head-turning for their corporate-swag innovation, they’re eye-catchingly attractive in design. We’ve worked with lots of organizations big and small, our ordering process is simple and enjoyable, and we’d love to hear from you. Check out Sockrates Custom for more info.